Our first experience with this artist's work was at the beginning of his career as a watercolorist.  He painted an exquisite bouquet of purple iris 24x36 which has hung with honor and pleasure on our living room wall and has been admired by many friends!  Since then he has used his talent to paint a wide variety:  sports, realistically and faithfully portrayed; a battered truck (one of my favorites!); beloved animals, and recently an excellent portrait of our great granddaughter was added to our collection.  He is an artist who loves his work. So do we!

----C. R., Ohio


He took our vision and made it a reality! We have a Florida Gator themed bar and wanted an awesome picture to set it off.  Bob was able to take an iconic picture of Tim Tebow stiff-arming a Florida State player, and create a great memory. It cannot get any better than that!!!

----Kim M., Ohio


My dear friend, Bob Fotoples, has painted a number of beautiful watercolors that currently hang in my home. I have a "thing" for anything related to the sea. A gorgeous watercolor of 2 white herons hangs over my bed. In fact, I love it so much it inspired the colors and decor of my master bedroom and bathroom. Two scenes of a boat dock and harbor scene grace my master bath. Every time I have a tough day at work, those paintings are the first things I look at - and they immediately lower my blood pressure by at least 20 pts! I also have a lighthouse painting of his taking up a prominent place in my all-lighthouse dining room. Every time I view these paintings, I am enchanted by their beauty and subject matter - and smile at the thought of my good friend who so skillfully painted them!!

----Charlotte, South Carolina


Bob is a wonderful artist. He took a picture of my favorite baseball player and turned him into a work of art. From a simple picture, he created a wonderful piece that I display proudly behind my desk at school! It was exactly what I pictured and needed to remind me to remain calm during stressful times teaching!
​–---Sara S., Ohio


He took a simple photograph of my son playing football and turned it into an amazing piece of art. My son is forever immortalized as an 11 year old little boy playing the game he loves. Bob's attention to detail is superb. He has a passion for art and it shows in his paintings. Thank you for this beautiful creation. I am forever grateful.

----Amy C., Ohio